Hi. I'm Chelle. Welcome to We The Anthem Photography.  


I was living in Germany when i fell in love with photography.  It snowed for months and at times it felt like it may never stop.  I spent my days inside with my camera, surrounded by lenses and books. The world outside was so beautiful and as the snow began to melt i ventured out to capture every moment of sunlit beauty i could find….and there were so many. There are still so many.






I use natural light in all of my sessions and I have a relaxed, documentary (storytelling) style. I want to capture you and your loved ones when you are just being yourself...easy smiles, natural body language, candid interaction and raw, honest connection. I am always chasing that honest, emotional connection between people. That's what i love to look back at and see in my own images. When i was a child, when my children were small, when i was first in love, i want to see how i connected with people. 

Very often i get messages from families and couples letting me know that they were brought to tears whilst viewing their sessions images for the first time. That's my aim, for your images to make you feel something. 

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