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About Me 

Hi. I'm Chelle. Welcome to We The Anthem Photography.  


I was living in Germany when i fell in love with photography.  It snowed for months and at times it felt like it may never stop.  I spent my days inside with my camera, surrounded by lenses and books. The world outside was so beautiful and as the snow began to melt i ventured out to capture every moment of sunlit beauty i could find….and there were so many. There are still so many.



My Style

I use natural light in all of my sessions and I have a relaxed, documentary (storytelling) style. I want to capture you and your loved ones when you are just being yourself...easy smiles, natural body language, candid interaction and raw, honest connection. I am always chasing that honest, emotional connection between people. That's what i love to look back at and see in my own images. When i was a child, when my children were small, when i was first in love, i want to see how i connected with people. 

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About Me

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