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  • Chelle Morrison

Lisa + Ebony

Lisa and Ebony gathered their closest friends and family to celebrate their wedding. There were so many teary hugs and beaming smiles, so much laughter, so many quirky dance moves. Everyone was just so happy to be witnessing these girls, so clearly and wholeheartedly in love, tie the knot. They held their ceremony and reception (as well as a few days either side) at Mount Glorious. After the ceremony, the cool September mountain air chased us down the hill to the braziers and guests danced the night away under strings of fairy lights.

Given the current political climate in Australia i feel the need to also say that your love is worth every bit as much as any other, your family, just as real, meaningful and deserving. Bring on November 15th!

Congratulations Ebs and Lisa! xoxoxo