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  • Chelle Morrison

Linda + Tim + Lewis + Owen

It doesn't seem like long ago now that i was in sunny Townsville, being lucky enough to have a couple of sessions with a few beautiful families. I cannot believe the devastation that has been thrust upon this community but i am so sure that, from what i've experience of the people of Townsville, everyone will be pulling together and having each other's back during what must be a daunting and massive cleanup.

This session was held at Cape Pallarenda, one of the many breathtaking locations in Townsville with Tim, Linda and their twin boys Lewis and Owen. I am not sure how couples with twins make it through...meeting the needs of one baby is hard enough! They have the most charming little guys to show for all their effort though. Two little boys with massively different personalities who are full of light in their own unique ways. Towards the end of the session as we were watching them in the ocean Linda, staring out at her boys as the sun set, said to me 'They're just perfect'. Those moments when you look at your child and you are so full up of love and wonder are pretty untouchable.

Thinking of you all up north xo

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